November 15, 2013

Today I went into the lab and I spent some time with the hot-glue-gun and the soldering-iron:



November 13, 2013

The coding error last time was easily fixed by Audrey. I had to copy a zip-file into my Arduino folder.


I got to class and talked to Shanni about how to connect all of my strips of LEDs together. We figured that we should solder some wire onto the LED strips, but I should test it first to make sure that it would work.



This took WAY longer than solder ever should have. Luckily for me when it was successful (You can view the video of it being successful here: )

Now that I knew that soldering worked I was able to start attaching it to my fabric! (Which meant de-soldering it, then gluing the strips onto the fabric, and running the cords under the fabric before re-soldering).

I also finished gluing the velcro onto the fabric.


My final step for the day was soldering pins onto my square-wear, so that I could use rainbow connecting male-to-female wires on the final project.


All in a day’s work. 




November 11, 2013

After Audrey throughly scares us all today, I started thinking I might want to get work done. I attempted to have a successful and productive day. Attempted. 

First I went to office hours and I cut a square for the LEDs to be attached to on my jacket:



Next I had to solder a wire onto the LED strip. Two of the outputs had wires already attached, but one of them didn’t. 


You can tell which one I soldered because it is the messy one. 

Finally I attempted to test the LED strip. Shanni and I had a lot of difficulty with this. We kept getting a weird error or the sample code.


Shanni and I tried to fix this for awhile… (I watched Shanni try and fix this for awhile), but it didn’t work. Shanni emailed Rui and hopefully this will be sorted out by Wednesday.

I hoped to finish a lot more than this today, but I really needed to test the LED strip.