November 20, 2013

Today was full of technical difficulties. After spending some quality time with the soldering iron I decided to test and see if they were working. It turns out that my code was only going to light up 35 out of my 36 lights.




When I changed the code the lights were lighting up red and not all of them would light up:



Madeline throughly scared me by telling me that her LED strips did this before hers died. I almost cried. Audrey was running out of ideas when she told me to change the battery. I did and, Audrey saved the day!! They all light up. 

I then got help from Katia, learning how to use the sewing machine (to sew a fabric square on top of the LEDs so that my less than perfect soldering job could be fixed). 

After I sewed 2 of the strips wouldn’t light up:



This was because I disconnected one of the pieces I soldered. After I fixed that everything was perfect!

Almost done.


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